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Game Designer: Jakk Dion

Studio: ZL Studios

Engine: RPG Maker MV

Genre: RPG

Subgenre: Fantasy, Romance

Version ID: Alpha

Version Number: 1.1

Story Completion: 50%

Game Completion: 70%

Game Length: ~30 Minutes

[This is was for the 5th Annual Driftwood Jam. This is was my third gamejam I've ever entered, thrice from Drifty too. I failed to submit it on time.... BY 30 SECONDS!! :O (lol) This is the game that could have]

This is a typical fantasy RPG, with a great and fun story. With The Milleadh Legend (Mill-uh or Me-luh) I was mostly working on a "living city" aspect for the game, even though you won't spend much time in the city itself. I will update this after the jam so instead a game about 30 minutes or so, it can be a more normal length game.

I hope you all enjoy! :)


The Milleadh Legend (Original Upload) 453 MB

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